80 Years of Quality Products and Customer Satisfaction

Yeoman & Company was founded in 1929 by William F. Yeoman of Monticello, Iowa. The company’s products were known as “YO-HO Tools” reflecting the Yeoman name and that of two local brothers named Hoag who had invested in the early business.

In the beginning, area manufacturers were used to produce the steel rake heads and shovel blades. Assembly of the finished tools took place in the basement of the family home. Then William and his eldest son, Willard, would load the tools into the family automobile and peddle them to area hardware stores. By 1935 the company expanded to a building in Monticello and managed its own manufacturing.

Steel Shovels
Steel shovels like these were one of the first YO-HO tools. Spring-steel snow tools were introduced in the late 1930s and continue to be a top-seller.

During World War II, Yeoman & Company was designated an essential industry and produced tools for Victory Gardens and snow tools to clear the decks of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

The YO-HO signature yellow color was introduced in 1971 with the addition of an electrostatic powder coating system to its manufacturing operation. Yeoman was the first production powder coater west of the Mississippi River.

Steel Shovels
The Round-Tooth Lawn/Thatch Rake was one of the tools sold by William Yeoman in 1929 and remains in the catalog today.

William Yeoman died in 1964, leaving the company in the hands of Willard and his brothers, Orvin and Harold. William’s grandson, Tom, joined the company in 1979 and in 1992 succeeded his father, Orvin, as president and CEO. Under Tom’s leadership the company has grown to carry nearly 400 standard and custom tools – which still includes the two original tools – Round-Tooth Lawn/Thatch Rake (09314) and Spring-Steel Shovel with Square Handle (04020).

Yeoman & Company and its dedicated team of employees are proud to continue the tradition established by William Yeoman to deliver quality, price-competitive products and reliable, friendly service.

left: Willard, Orvin and Harold Yeoman stand behind their father, William Yeoman.

below: Tom Yeoman and the Yeoman & Company operations in Monticello, Iowa.